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Personal Chef Services, Catering, Restaurant Coaching and more...!              

We have been working hard on sustainable practices and working with local vendors for our supplies. One of our partners is Sarah and Ryan Voiland from Red Fire Farm, Granby, MA. Please visit them and support their farm: http://www.redfirefarm.com

Personally we have signed up for every type of CSA the Red Fire Offers, give it a try. .


Warren is able to provide you with TiPS and ServSafe training. http://www.gettips.com/ and http://www.servsafe.com/

Regina and Madeleine ready for service at Pendragon's Annual Fund Raiser!

Maureen Hindle and I had a great time at Red Fire Farm Tomato Festival, August 25, 2012, at Red Fire Farm 7 Carver St Granby, MA.  We prepared a tomato and watermelon salad, in the Workshop Barn.

Please be sure to visit this year's Tomato Festival - August 24, 2013!

For more info see http://www.redfirefarm.com/news/tomatofestival.html

If your restaurant wants to become a sustainable operation and you need some coaching. We can help you in the process with some best practices that are based on research and cost effectiveness.

Event Planning, Hydrangea Catering and Restaurant Consulting has over 140 years of experience and expertise on our team: Regina Leigh, Kathy Steinbruck (Scotts Florist), Gabrielle Chircop (Designer) and Chefs Roger Steinbruck and Warren Leigh.

Regina and Warren Leigh, have owned and operated many restaurants in the greater Hartford area, in the past 20 years:  Madeleines Restaurant, Windsor, CT; The Eatery, East Windsor, CT; The Standish House, Wethersfield, CT.  These restaurants were some of the best in the region!  Regularly received superlative reviews from Elise Mclay CT Magazine, New York Times, Union – News Springfield and received the Wine Spectators Award of Excellence for many years.

Warren and Regina have been providing catering and restaurant consulting services for more than three decades. We provide full service catering from small intimate events to as many as 200 plus guests. Catering Please visit our catering page to review our new Vegetarian Menu Items!

We also can provide you with the edge when it comes to restaurant operations. Our consulting page will provide you with more details on our various restaurant consulting services. Consulting

We can provide both the catering and restaurant consulting services as far north as Lake Placid, New York and anywhere in New England.

Member - Supporter of Chefs Collaborative - Chefs Collaborative is the leading nonprofit network of chefs that’s changing the sustainable food landscape using the power of connections, education and responsible buying decisions.

We even have been known to travel to Big Sur, California, for the right client!

We are located in Springfield, Massachusetts, but are willing to travel when our schedule permits.

You may contact us at info@hydrangeacatering.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Have you ever dreamed of a culinary tour personally guided by a professional chef? Well we can do that.

Imagine your small group along with Regina and Warren traveling various regions of Europe to find the great wines and food of the region. Searching for every little indigenous ingredient we can get our hands, teeth and nose on. Warren will provide you and your group with the insight and expertise he has acquired during his fifteen years in Europe and his thirty years in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

This tour would be personalized for you, prepared and planned in advance in conjunction with Warren.

Warren is preparing a Chef's Table Seven Course Tasting Dinner!


This is the menu for one of our most recent catering jobs a Chef's table dinner.

Amuse Bouche

Asparagus points in savory puff pastry


Shrimp “Pil-Pil” bruschetta


Risotto Piemontaise

Classic preparation finished with truffles and Grana Padano


Exotic Mushroom veloute

Enhanced with a fricassee of exotic mushrooms


Pan seared sea bass Andalusia

Ragout of olives, roasted garlic, capers and oven roasted tomatoes


Lukasik Farms roast breast of pheasant with duck confit


Fennel and peppercorn crusted Venison loin

Juniper berry game glaze, cranberry & shallot marmalade

Sautéed brussel sprouts and chestnuts


Grand Marnier crepes soufflé

Roasted Golden and Ruby Beet Napoleon

Hadley grass, shaved fennel slaw, grogonzola and tomato concasse.

Slow roasted venison loin, wild rice with wild mushrooms roasted in Carta Fata, Foie Gras, fiddleheads and glace de la viande.

Asparagus Ice Cream Vacherin Glace.