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Our approach revolves around a simple idea: the hospitality heart!

Reggie and Warren met many years ago working together at the Yankee Pedlar, Holyoke, MA.  "Back in the Day" the Pedlar used to do 1400 covers on major holidays, 100 weddings a year, and $1.5 million in liquor sales.  It was a great operationn with many options for guests, the Oyster Bar, Simone's tableside cooking prix fixe, events and the traditional new england fair with a twist.

Warren grew up in Europe, had his first wine tasting course in Aix-en-Provence, when he was only 14 years old.  Food and wine was a way of life for Warren and his family.  His brother in law attended the Cordon Bleu in Paris, Warren and his parents attended numerous courses at La Varenne in Paris.  This was how they vacationed, cooking, eating and sampling wine all over Europe.  Warren decided, at twelve what he wanted to do, to become a chef.  Warren meet Madeleine Kamman, in Aix, where his father attended her two week cooking course.  Madeleine offered him the opportunity to come work for her when he finished high school.  Warren did just that, and then went on to attend the Lausanne Hotel School, Lausanne, Switzerland.  After Lausanne, Warren received his B.S. in Food service from Rochester Institute of Technology. At that point Warren moved to Holyoke to work at the Yankee Pedlar with Frank Banks the owner.  Frank used to be the General Manager of the Waldorf and St. Regis hotels.  Eventually Warren made his way from the front of the house to the stove.  As the Chef of the Eatery in East Windsor, CT, Warren made a name for himself and was able to acquire funding to open his own white linen French restaurant, Madeleines.  This allowed us to do many various operations:  wood fired brick oven pizza and pasta restaurants; corporate cafeteria; French bistro; American white linen restaurant; American seafood house with oyster bar and full service catering.  Since closing the restaurant operations we have been continuing our catering and have helped other operators improve their operations.

Eventually Warren completed his Master of Management at the University of Phoenix, where he now is an adjunct professor teaching courses related to events, business management and critical thinking. Warren also is an adjunct professor at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, teaching freshman to senior level courses covering everything from sanitation and safety to food service financial management and design.

Chef Warren is a full time Professor at Holyoke Community College where he is a member of the business division and concentrates on Culinary Arts.

Warren's credentials include: 

  • American Culinary Federation - Certified Executive Chef, Approved Certification Evaluator, ACFEF Site Evaluator
  • American Hotel Motel Association - Certified Food and Beverage Executive
  • Master of Management, University of Phoenix
  • TiPS Trainer Instructor
  • ServSafe Proctor and Instructor Certified
  • Lausanne Hotel School, F&B I and II
  • Member of Chefs Collaborative
  • President of the local chapter of the American Culinary Federation

Regina A. Leigh continues to work in the front of the house, has set up and organized many operations and events in varying sizes.